Telluride Painting School


Encouraging Students of All Levels to Find Their Artistic Voice

Telluride Painting School students acquire discipline-based knowledge, practical skills and develop and expand their own personal, expressive styles. Each class is designed to guide students through exercises that will help them cultivate a creative vocabulary to pull from for future work and exploration. The 2017 Telluride Painting School focused on color and composition, with classes examining color relationships, color as metaphor, and techniques for capturing an active, full scene in drawing. The 2018 Schedule and focus will be announced soon.

The Telluride Painting School is a unique program of excellence, offering instruction from and interaction with a diverse faculty of working painters, inspiring curiosity and innovation in a stimulating and supportive environment, all nestled in the phenomenal landscape of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. While most painting schools can offer students intensive technical instruction, few also emphasize the important journey that all artists must take to discover their own unique voices, or celebrate the courage it takes to express that voice in their work. This is the ethos of the Telluride Painting School – to help students navigate the process of creating deeply meaningful and uniquely personal work through comprehensive and provocative instruction. Each season consists of three two-week long sessions (or classes) taught by three different instructors during the fall.

In addition to Telluride Painting School classes, Ah Haa also offers a variety of painting & drawing classes.

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Photos from Ah Haa’s Telluride Painting School (CLICK HERE to see the entire gallery).