New Year’s Eve Gala december 31

New Year’s Eve Gala

gala_invite_final-1An Extraordinary Evening of Fine Art & Elegant Cuisine

Wednesday, December 31   |   6:30 to 10:00pm

$250 per person   |   $1,850 for a table (8)

Think of it: New Year’s Eve at an art school. A mixture of fun, creativity and yes, elegance. Surrounded by the new works of this year’s guest artists, the Daniel Tucker Gallery is transformed into a formal dining room where guests can enjoy a cocktail reception with hors d’ouevres followed by a four-course, plated, sit-down dinner catered by one of Telluride’s exceptional chefs, Eliza Gavin of 221 South Oak. The evening also features conversations with our featured Gala Artists, Michael Stasiuk and Sally Simpson. What a fabulous way of ringing in the new year!

2014 Gala Menu

This years’ Gala is SOLD OUT!


Michael Stasiuk

Michael Stasiuk is a multimedia sculptor who lives and maintains a studio in Portsmouth, NH. He works with a child-like sensibility, which has been fueled by many years of teaching and collaborating with children and adults. He has been a theatrical prop master for Telluride’s Mudd Butt Mystery Theatre for 24 years, and the last 18 have included residencies collaborating with children and adults around the world, bringing characters of all sizes to life using a variety of materials.

“I am an animator of objects,” says Michael. “I work figuratively, giving a new sense of context to otherwise commonplace or discarded items. The items I choose evoke nostalgia and a sense of memory. My process is creating inventive but simple joinery between materials – mostly wood, metal and fiber.”

Michael’s found-object sculptures are represented in both private and corporate collections, including Wellington Management and New England Biolab. His work is also included in the Schiffer Found Object Art books 1 and 2.

Michael’s work for sale:

Sally Simpson

Jeweler Sally Simpson spent countless hours watching her parents create metal sculptures depicting scenes in nature, which were eventually hung throughout the house or along the entryway for guests to admire. While she herself continues to be inspired to work with silver, gold, stone, pearls and other natural materials, her goals as an artist were quite different than her parents. Sally’s work is a mixture of architectural designs and elements formed from natural forces.

“Raw physical contrasts inspire my selection of earth elements, such as ocean glass, Tahitian pearls, Icelandic beach stones, silver, gold, and the organic feel and warm look of leather,” says Sally. “The theme of my work is directly linked to and inspired by the physical range of the material and the intended use.

“My current work is a combination of jewelry and a series of silver objects such as Bauhaus inspired candlesticks. I am also exploring more sophisticated methods of combining raw substances while still allowing the underlying beauty of the natural objects to create a physical juxtaposition that I find so intriguing. The challenge for me is to create new pieces using basic elements and still deliver a beautiful and unique piece of art that captures the eye and heart of the beholder.”

Sally is currently represented by the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art in Telluride, and is looking forward to expanding into other galleries.

Sally’s work for sale: