LETTING LOOSE in Mixed Media

kellieKellie-Day-popKELLIE DAY

Saturday & Sunday, March 12 & 13  |  10am – 4pm  |  $135 tuition  + $75 materials

Let loose your inhibitions and create a mixed media masterpiece through collaging, scraping, stamping, dripping and painting!
“Letting Loose” is about letting go of preconceived notions of what things should look like, and finding unexpected beauty.  Students will have fun exploring new mediums and experimenting with new techniques. Using eye droppers, paint markers, hands and fingers, brushes, scratching tools, metallic paints and rubber stamps, multi-layered collages will be created.  The entire class will explore their own intuitive process – letting go of how the subject should look, and simply following what they find beautiful as stepping stones. One by one, we’ll choose bits of beautiful papers and paints that lead to a final painting.