Jeff Hirst

Wax / Screenprinting

Jeff Hirst is a Chicago based artist who has been exhibiting his work since 1987 and has shown extensively across the United States and Europe. Hirst’s work has been shown at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the McKinney Contemporary in Dallas, Butters Gallery in Portland, and Arte Internazionale in Matera, Italy. He has been a recipient of a Minnesota State Artist Intuitive grant. Hirst is the owner of Hirst Printmaking, a print shop and teaching facility in Chicago where research and exploration in experimental print ideas meld encaustic and printmaking. In 2016, he will teach numerous venues including Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Tennessee, Cullowhee Mountain Arts in North Carolina, and San Francisco Center for the Book.

It is obvious that Jeff is a master craftsman/artist, he is great at trouble shooting issues and sharing solutions. He also has a wealth of knowledge in many realms of the printing world and was generous with sharing resources.

Jeff had fantastic suggestions throughout the entire weekend. I appreciated every one of them. I also love his laid back manner. Not only was he calm, cool and collected, he was easy to approach with any kind of question.