Macy Pryor

Leather Artist

After working as a Production Manager in the industry, Owner/Designer Macy Pryor realised there was a gap between the customer, and the product. Everyone is unique and has different preferences, habits, contents, must-haves etc… when it comes to buying their next bag, so why not embrace this individuality?

Crossbow Leather was introduced to the world in October 2015 as a line of custom goods for the uncommon folks who wanted to be apart of the design process, and create a product that caters to their unique way of life.

Macy was able to apply her passion for sculpture and eye for structural design to crafting custom leather bags and accessories.

Today, Crossbow Leather includes a permanent line of leather goods, an e-commerce website, and a side manufacturing business of private label work.

A bag acts as your sidekick on-the-go.  It safely holds your most important belongings that are crucial for everyday life.  Our objective is to make this bag special. For you to know the story behind the vintage or authentic textile, or to know it is the only one that exists in the entire world!  We aim to embrace the uncommon, to make the ordinary extraordinary, and to put a little more pep in your step.