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CERAMICS MASTERS WORKSHOP: Renee LoPresti (ages 16+)


Ages 16+

Renee LoPresti

Saturday and Sunday, January 22 – 23, 2022 |  $400


Given the changing nature of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, we are now requiring everyone who participates in an Ah Haa class be vaccinated and upload a copy of their vaccination card at the time of registration. Further, masks should be worn in public spaces within the building. Thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy!

Join us in welcoming internationally recognized ceramic artist, Renee LoPresti, to Telluride! In this two day workshop, we will focus on developing surface composition by layering underglazes and glaze directly onto leatherhard clay. Custom paper and reusable die-cut vinyl stencils will be used to create layered patterns, shapes, and detailed imagery. Students will be able to explore these techniques directly onto their own wheel-thrown or handbuilt surfaces. The techniques and materials used during this workshop have the flexibility to be fired to any temperature/atmosphere.

Day One

We will begin by working through all of the decorating techniques on a leather hard slab. At the end of the first day, these decorated slabs will be pressed onto MDF drape molds (GR pottery forms provided by Renee), to transform the slabs into trays/plates.

Each participant can expect to complete 2-3 trays/plates on day one.

Day Two

Workshop participants will use the techniques learned in day one on the leather hard wheel thrown or hand built pieces they brought with them. Participants are encouraged to use the techniques in ways that speak to their individual voice as an artist.

Each participant can expect to complete 2-3 small pieces on day two.

By the end of the two day workshop, each participant can expect to have 4-6 decorated pieces.

What to Bring:

Leather-hard work:

Students should bring 2 soft, leather-hard pieces (small to medium size/ approximately 1-3 lbs. each, hand built or wheel thrown, preferably taller than they are wide) to decorate on the second day (Sunday). Any clay body will work with these decorating techniques, but a dark clay will give the most immediate results. Light colored clay also works but requires a few extra steps to achieve sufficient contrast.

Everyday work tools: Bring your own studio tool kits.

Specific tools:

1. Scissors

2. Xacto Blade (fixed style is preferred, but ratchet style works, too)

3. Soft rubber rib

4. Brayer (not necessary, but is very helpful)

5. Flat Brushes- soft to medium density; avoid stiff or coarse brushes. Appropriate width for larger coverage (ie. 1/2”, 3/4” or 1”)

6. Sketchbook/notebook

7. Ruler

Renee will provide a variety of vinyl (reusable, you can take home), die-cut paper stencils, and many other fun tools for use during the workshop. She will also bring her Silhouette die-cutting machine to cut custom imagery/shapes on the second day of the workshop.


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Born and raised in northwestern New Jersey, Renee LoPresti holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and is currently making work out of her studio in San Marcos, Texas. LoPresti was named one of Ceramics Monthly’s Emerging Artists in 2017 and has shown her work through numerous national juried and invitational exhibitions.