DAY OFF DESIGN: 2/26 PM (grades 3-6)

DAY OFF DESIGN: 2/26 PM Session

Grades 3-6

Tuesday  |  1:00 – 4:00pm  |  $35
February 26, 2019

Resin Cast Jewelry

Are you looking for a safe, fun place for your child when school is out? At Ah Haa, your kids can relax, create, learn and have fun, spending the morning and/or afternoon with friends under the guidance of local artists and teachers.

Learn how to create beautiful resin-cast necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We’ll demonstrate how to properly mix and cast clear resin over your favorite objects and trinkets. From flowers to feathers to small heirlooms and photographs, the possibilities for resin casting are endless. We will provide an assortment of objects to choose from, but students are encouraged to bring in any items they wish to encase.

Please note: Resin-cast pieces take a full day to set, so jewelry will not be available for pickup until 24 hours after the class ends.

Full-Day Option from 9am-4pm (not available on all No School dates): When you sign your child up for both morning and afternoon sessions on the same day,  your child can stay at Ah Haa for a supervised lunch between classes for an additional $5 (food not included)! TO REGISTER: CLICK HERE, find your class by date, the AM and PM sessions must be added separately. You will have the chance to choose “supervised lunch” under session options for the PM session.

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