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INTRO TO ADVANCED GUITAR with Ethan Hale (adults 16+)


Ages 16+

Ethan Hale

Ongoing class| launches January 18, 2021|  $100

An Ah Haa Online class

Welcome to Intro to Advanced Guitar with local musician and instructor, Ethan Hale! This course is for those who know how to strum and play a few chords, but are looking to advance their guitar playing skills. Your class tuition includes 10 prerecorded video lessons that students can view at their own pace and rewatch as much as they’d like. Each video covers a different technique or skill, with plenty of helpful tips and tricks peppered in throughout the lesson. In this class, we will cover the following topics:

Lesson 1: Chords in the key of C
Lesson 2: C major scales and intro to the pentatonic scale
Lesson 3: Chords in the key of G, 7 and m7 chords
Lesson 4: The pentatonic grips
Lesson 5: Chords in the key of D, slash chords, M7 chords
Lesson 6: The continuous pentatonic scale in 3 keys
Lesson 7: Chords in the key of A, 6th chords
Lesson 8: Riff building, soloing by ear
Lesson 9: Chords in the key of E, pedals, and octave chords

Lesson 10: Using found solos, adding the 7th and 4th to the pentatonic

The videos can be downloaded to your personal computer so you can watch them offline, or can be viewed anytime from the provided video links on the password protected student page. Students will also have access to a private Facebook page, where they can chat with other students and ask questions of Ethan, who will be available via this platform from January 19th – February 16th. Join us and take your guitar skills to the next level with this digital class!

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