March 29 – April 4, 2018
East Gallery
Don’t miss Kathy in concert on March 29th at 6pm!

“I paint the sounds I hear, and I hear the sounds I paint,” the Ferndale artist and musician says. “For me, painting is simply an extension of the music I perform and love to listen to.”

Kosins has mastered both the art of painting and making music.

As a singer and songwriter, she travels all over the world performing jazz and soul music. She works with Grammy Award-winning producers, most recently Kamau Kenyatta. She also serves as a lecturer and performance artist at universities, high schools and other educational institutions across the globe — more than 200 to date.

Kosins started on her painting journey around 1990 and quickly found she had a gift for bringing music to the canvas.

Kathy is teaching a painting class at Ah Haa, Improvisation on Canvas, don’t miss it!