PAINTING SUMMER SONGBIRDS – Sarah B. Hansen (adults)


Sarah B. Hansen

Tuesday – Friday |  11:30am – 12:30pm  |  $125
June 16 – 19, 2020
Students must purchase suggested materials on their own.

An Ah Haa Online Class

Learn to paint your favorite songbird in watercolor with award-winning artist and instructor Sarah B. Hansen. In this 4-day online workshop, you will paint a songbird of your choice in a loose and splashy manner, on watercolor paper. Using watercolor paints and paper, this course is designed to be a fun introduction into fresh watercolor painting. General bird anatomy studies, bird feather depiction & studies, color choices, and light sources will be considered. Color theory, water to pigment ratio and management, edge control, brushwork, and tips on how to keep your painting from looking overworked, will be demonstrated to keep your watercolors fresh, bright, and splashy. Each day will begin with Sarah demonstrating a technique with online videos and instruction. Question and answer with students will be available throughout the lesson. A homework assignment will be given daily to be done at your leisure; and discussion on the results will occur the following day. Final day will be a personal critique of final songbird painting.

Students will receive a Zoom link to the class upon payment. Please log in and “enter” the virtual classroom at least 5 minutes before class begins. Once you enter the Zoom classroom, your instructor will greet everyone and may modify students’ video and/or sound functions.

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