Ah Haa School for the Arts



Suzanne Moore

Monday – Wednesday  |  10:00am – 4:00pm   |  $575
November 1 – 3, 2021

Join celebrated artist Suzanne Moore for a 3-day monoprinting workshop in the Ah Haa School’s new Curiosity Shop. The power of universal symbols will guide the workshop, as students push, pull, roll, brush transfer and stencil black ink and color to create a myriad of effects on paper. Students will have a chance to experiment with an array of effects, will work with oil-based ink on plastic plates in a single press-run, and will learn how to layer black and colored inks. Using painterly approaches as well as hard-edge and textural effects, participants will develop their own unique “palette” of techniques, and each student will create a series of prints enclosed in a simple paper wrapper.

Given the changing nature of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, we are now requiring everyone who participates in an Ah Haa class be vaccinated and upload a copy of their vaccination card at the time of registration. Further, masks should be worn in public spaces within the building. Thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy!

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