Ah Haa School for the Arts

NO SCHOOL ART DAY: 2/14 AM Clay Clocks (ages 5+)

NO SCHOOL ART DAY: 2/14 AM SESSION Clay Clocks (ages 5-10)

Ages 5-10

Friday  |  9:00 – 12:00pm  |  $40
February 14, 2020

Clay Clocks

We’ll explore structure, shape and form as we create real, working clocks out of clay. Our colorful clock faces can take the shape of all sorts of things, from animals to flowers to wacky, imaginative monsters.

Full-Day Option from 9am-4pm: When you sign your child up for both morning and afternoon sessions on the same day,  your child can stay at Ah Haa for a supervised lunch between classes for an additional $5 (food not included)! TO REGISTER: CLICK HERE, for the 2/14 PM Session. You will have the chance to choose “supervised lunch” under session options for the PM session.

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