2-day workshop

Saturday + Sunday
December 7 – 8,  2019
Ah Haa School for the Arts

This two-day workshop is available for any level of flow art experience. Participants will walk away with a wealth of knowledge. From hands-on learning new techniques, to the customized prop of your dreams, you will find it within these sessions. Sign up today to reserve your spot and prop selection—space and supplies are limited and will be available on a first-come/first-served basis. All three instructors create a variety of handcrafted items that incorporate the same skills used in making fire props. All have eight plus years of custom fire prop building and fire spinning experience.

DAY 1: Fire safety and prop basics, including equipment safety and logistics. Identifying hardware and necessary equipment, and beginning construction

DAY 2: Completing construction and testing equipment. Basic techniques and finally, culminating with a proper fire burn to receive hands on training on procedure and safety spotting. Other items will be available for purchase, including fire blankets, accessories and other safety gear. 

Come & Learn
$30  Fee to learn, but NOT take a prop home

Below are various fees for different props, taking the prop home. All students paying for their prop have the class fee incorporated into the price of the prop.

Rope Dart
$65: Monkey’s Fist wick head design
$45: Cathedral wick head design

Poi Set
$65: Monkey’s Fist wick head design
$40: Cathedral wick head design
$25: Standard rolled wick design

Standard Staff
$100: 3”- 4” flat wick wrap

Contact Staff
$110: 3”-4” flat wick wrap

$50: Triple Lotus fans
$30: Finger fans

The Fabulous Instructors:

Jacob Reynolds, Hardware & Knot Master

From the world of sailing, Jacob has pulled age-old knots into the fire-performing realm to make any fire prop stand out, both lit and dry. Coupled with the right hardware and care, your props will be one of a kind.

Rebekah DeLaMare, Tailor Extraordinaire

Years of costuming and crafting has lent Rebekah the skills needed to make a solid and secured prop head, but not giving away all your finish work secrets to onlookers.

Alyssa Buescher, Fire Safety & Craft Queen

Alyssa has taken her skills as a nurse to the next level to keep you, your props and innocent bystanders safe from wandering flames, all the while making them look unique and spectacular!

Ah Haa School For The Arts has donated the space for this fun workshop. Location: at the end of Townsend in the historic train depot.

For more information about the Telluride Fire Festival, or to register for this workshop, visit their website HERE.