WRITING THE PATH: An Online Instruction/Outdoor Exploration Playshop (adults)

WRITING THE PATH: An Online Instruction/Outdoor Exploration Playshop

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

An online ZOOM class | Monday |  10:00am – 4:00pm  | $100
August 24, 2020

What path are you on?

For thousands of years, the path has been a popular metaphor for understanding our journey through life. Cavafy advises us to “pray that the road is long.” Frost suggests we “take the road less traveled by.” A.R. Ammons advocates that we “hoist our burdens, get on down the road.” How we choose to walk on our path affects all we are connected to. And are we not connected to everything? Through the practices of writing, reading and paying attention—or as Rumi would say, opening the sail—we divine who we are in the world.

This six-hour online reading and writing workshop will feature both online instruction/discussion and individual outdoor exploration—walking away from your screen and going outside to gather inspiration and to write. We’ll focus on engaging with the landscape and the imagination, building a bridge between the two with our words. Bring your pen and paper, bring chocolate, bring your dreams and your best friend, too. Bring your skepticism, your wonder, and to the best of our ability, no masks.

No previous writing experience necessary.


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