Ah Haa School for the Arts

Future New Home


Final Fundraising Phase!

Ah Haa has partnered with the Town of Telluride to build a new home in the center of town. Located on a vacant lot across from Baked in Telluride, this mixed-use development will include an underground public parking structure with 70 spaces, 10 affordable housing units, and approximately 10,000 square feet of new space for the Ah Haa School. The building will be finished Spring 2021.

With a centralized location in the heart of downtown Telluride, Ah Haa's new home will not only provide increased visibility, but it will help establish a sustainable future for Ah Haa. In this purpose-built space, new and improved programming will perpetuate the school's success for many years to come.

We are in the final stretch of fundraising. Help us reach our goal! Please contact Marty Wollesen at marty@ahhaa.org if you are interested in making a contribution.


Benefits for Ah Haa
  • Additional 3,000 square feet of space
  • Centralized location, more visibility
  • Expanded programming for youth & adults
  • Better equipped studios with ventilation, natural light, spaciousness, storage
  • Larger ceramics studio with gas kiln
  • Teaching kitchen for cooking classes
  • Dedicated studios for painting & mixed-media
  • Street-level gallery & shop
  • Top-floor community room & deck for lectures, music & events
  • On-site parking for staff/students
  • Enhanced synergy in cultural core with Telluride Arts & Wilkinson Library
Benefits to Town & Community
  • Ah Haa drives vitality and activity into the heart of Town
  • Ah Haa employs eight full-time staff and over 70 part-time instructors
  • Locals, visitors and second homeowners gain new skills and enrichment through our classes and events
  • Approximately 30% of our students/attendees are out-of-town guests, benefitting the regional economy
  • Ah Haa offers tuition assistance, work study, and occasional tuition-free and reduced-rate classes to everyone in the region
  • Ah Haa will remain a public space
  • Classrooms, studios and decks will continue to be available to non-profits and private groups
  • Consistent with the Town Master Plan, Ah Haa will help grow an exciting and inviting arts/cultural district in the heart of town






















"Thank You" to our current Capital Campaign donors:

Scott & John Adams
Sherab Kloppenburg & Eric Adolphi
Meredith Nemirov & Jorge Anchando
Lisa & Scott Andrews
Patty & Chris Arndt
Baked in Telluride, the McKinley Family
Jeannie Stewart & Ian Bald
Maire & David Baldwin
Helen Ballard
Denise & David Barmak
Lisa & Harley Barnes, Jr.
Luci Reeve & Jim Bedford
Hilary Bellm
Cassidy & Dierks Bentley
Natalie Binder
Susan & Mark Blieden
The Bloom Foundation
Amy Boebel
Kathleen Morgan & Cormac Bourke
Ana & Matt Bowling
Joanna & Stuart Brown
Lauren Bloemsma & Todd Brown
Electra & Bret Burford
Amy Cannon
Jody & Terry Cappelli
Liz & Dan Caton
Kendall & Steve Cieciuch
Ethel & David Coder
Bonnie & Louis Cohen
Carlisle Connick
Karen & Brian Conway
Annie & Kevin Cooney
Lynn Brubaker & Richard Cornelius
Lavi Bray & David Craige
Nicole Pieterse & Rob Cummings
Elizabeth & Allen Cutler
Dalton Family
Rebecca Dant
Sally Davis
Debra Dawson
Durfee Day
Carole & Donald Dell
Jan & Peter deLuca
Arline Dowling
Tina & Bruce Duemler
Cathe & Chip Dyer
Penny & Brian Dyson
Carol Ebeling
Elizabeth Farrar & Craig Echols
Rose & Pete Edwards
Evans Family Foundation
Linda & Simon Eyles
Goedele Vanhille & John Fahnestock
John Feren
Kathleen Fisher

Sarah & Hugh Fitzsimons
Michele & Jon Foote
Lynn Ford
Karen & Mike Friedman
Lael & David Fruen
Molly Galetto
Kam & Dave Gerber
Janice & Johnny Gerona
Judy Godec
Ashley Hayward & Michael Goldberg
Jodi Jacobs & Kenny Goldman
Marie & Tom Goodwin
Ryan Grady
Amy & Kelly Gray
Kathy Green
Kate Greubel
Ellen & Rick Greubel
Marissa & Dan Gudal
Rebecca Hall
Kate & Rick Hartfiel
Becky & George Harvey
Bettie & Hill Hastings
Elizabeth Hecker
Bonnie Heidbrak
Barbara & Walter Hinterkopf
Lisa Hogan & Family
Kirsten & Chad Horning
Virginia & Bill Howard
Susan Hunt
Julee & Steve Hutchison
Karen Shaff & Steve Jayne
Paul Hokemeyer & Jim Johnson
Johnson Family Foundation
Charlotte & Richard Jorgensen
Jue Family Foundation
Leslie Larson & Donald Katz
Richard Kinsey
Gail & Fred Kittler
Barbara & Roger Kohin
Suzanne Kohin
Wendy & Ken Kowynia
Susan & Tim Kroes
Marti & David Kuntz
Sarah & Chris Landeryou
Marty Langion
Sloan & John Lehman
Ronna Stamm & Paul Lehman
Amy Levek
Jim Tharp & Jim Lindheim
Cindy Farny & David Mallette

Randye Mandell
Tristin & Martin Mannion
Susie & John Mansfield
Becca & Jay Markley
Audrey Marnoy
Sage & Alex Martin
Betty Hudson & Boyd Matson
Diane & Adam Max
Joan May
Merry & Mike Mayer
Lynn McGrew
Beth McLaughlin
Jean & David McLaughlin
McLaughlin Doty Foundation
McLaughlin Family Foundation
Megan & Casey McManemin
Julie McNair
Amy & Paul McPheeters
Susie Meade
Merle & Gerald Measer
Kathy Metzger
Catherine McNamee & Chris Miller
Beverly Crilly & Louis Mintz
Kathy Harker & Curt Moe
Gwen & Harvey Mogenson
Aela B. & Don Morgan
Kathleen Morgan
Prince & Rick Morrow
Chris & Bob Newman
Cathey Nickell
Danelle H. Norman
MaryBeth OConnor
Kim & Simon Perutz
Joanne & Tom Pike
Ben Preston
Jennie Franks & Jeffrey Price
Camille & Lucas Price
Debbie & Steve Pruett
Thalia & John Pryor
Julia Reid
Debbie & Jeff Resnick
Barbara E. Parish & Gary Roberts
Kim Roberts
Thomas J. Rolfs Family Foundation
Rose Community Foundation, Richard B. Tucker Family Fund
Joanie Schwartz & Don Rosenthal
Sarah & Mark Rubenstein
Josie & Tony Russo
Susan Fralick & Hank Rutter
Saul Zaentz Foundation
MJ Schillaci

Nancy Craft & Rob Schultheis
Virginia Egger & Andre Schwartz
Scott C. Chambers Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Carly Shaw
Darenda & Ed Sheridan
Diane Sherman
Marilyn & Sam Siegel
Christine Smith
Ellen Hauck & Markham Smith
Julie Shelton Smith
Mike Stasiuk
Gail Connolly & John Stathis
Joanne & Jim Steinback
Elliot Steinberg
Kiersten Stephens
Jane S. Taylor
Donna & Jonathan Taylor
Telluride Foundation
Judi & John Temple
Allison & Matt Templin
The Village Table
Lisa Barlow & Alan Tobin
Janie & Bob Trenary
Rosemerry & Eric Trommer
Simone & Tony Truesdale
Lexi Tuddenham
Bill Lewis & Rick Underwood
William C. Valaika
Susan & Clint Viebrock
Jenny Russell & Clay Wadman
Jody Miller & Peter Waldor
Lindsey Walker
Andrew & Amy Ward
Laura Colbert & Lance Waring
Katherine Borsecnik & Gene Weil
Janis Weiner
Janna & John Welborn
Nancy & John Werner
Patricia Kerrigan & Philip Werner
Gail & William White
Margi White
Laurie Roddick & Brian Wolahan
Sheryl & Gary Wood
Steve Wood
Stacey & Mark Woods
Corey Hiseler & Mark Worth
Cynthia Zehm
Chris Zieve