Cheri Isgreen


I am fascinated by the relationship between light and shadow on natural forms. Compositions for watercolor paintings develop as I respond to the interplay of light and dark shapes with initial value studies. As I paint, I seek fresh, unexpected color mixtures through poured techniques and spontaneous wet-into-wet brushwork. I strive for a sense of mystery and narrative in each painting. A lifelong horsewoman, I have intimate knowledge of a horse’s body. Providing daily care, I observe and touch my horses’ sinuous curves, tendon lines, and muscular shapes. I have fallen deeply into a horse’s gaze, buried my nose into his coat to inhale his scent, and shared his breath. I study dressage and teach Equitherapy. Monarch, my wise and sensitive partner in this healing work, is a Lipizzan X Andalusian gelding and frequently appears as a subject of my paintings.

Along with equine watercolor subjects, I enjoy painting gardens, still life, and landscapes.  I’m an avid travel sketcher, recording a wide variety of experiences from cities, towns, and neighborhoods; wilderness and nature; festivals, musicians, and street life.  For creating small works of art, I love mixing media and processes.