Jacqui McCormick


Jacqui is a fifth and sixth grade teacher at TMS. She was born and raised in Upstate New York and grew up with a love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. She enjoys biking, snowboarding, strumming the ukulele, learning, and anything involving soccer.

She earned her BA in English Literature and Masters in The Teaching of Writing and Rhetoric in Brooklyn at Long Island University. After receiving a teaching fellowship, she taught Freshmen-level writing courses at LIU for three years while coaching at City & Country (C&C), a private progressive elementary/middle school in Manhattan. Her interest in elementary education became apparent to her as her role at the school became more and more involved. She began teaching at C&C full time in 2011 and developed her understanding and appreciation of experiential learning.

Jacqui comes to Telluride with family rooted here and an admiration of the driven and active people who reside here. She is excited to be a part of the TMS community and contribute to the school in and out of the classroom!