Ah Haa School for the Arts

Macy Pryor

Leather Artist

Macy Pryor is a Telluride native who picked up leather craft in 2015 while living in Santa Barbara, CA. After one year with a Santa Barbara leather company she had become the production manager and taught weekly leather workshops to the public. In 2016, Macy branched off and created her own company, Crossbow Leather. Still wanting to teach, Macy partnered with BeadWORKS Kenya in early 2017 and traveled to Northern Kenya to share her knowledge, assisting them to create their first line of beaded leather work. She returned to Kenya for her second trip in February of 2018. Currently, Crossbow Leather occupies a Telluride storefront at 217 E Colorado Ave. The shop is retail in the front with a leather workshop in the back where all products are designed and created.