Ah Haa School for the Arts

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Each Year We Rely on Your Generosity & Support

Each year, 50% of Ah Haa’s budget must come from fundraising. Monies raised through tuition fees and exhibition sales are not enough to cover expenses related to all of Ah Haa’s programs. Your continued support has allowed us to: provide a wide variety of art classes for children and adults using talented local and visiting artists; evolve the prestigious American Academy of Bookbinding; develop the new Telluride Painting School; and offer a wide array of exhibitions, community collaborations and special events. We strive to inspire all people to discover, nurture and celebrate creativity. There are multiple ways to show your support: Make a Donation, Become a Trustee.

Your contribution is a direct investment in the vitality of the arts in Telluride. No donation is too small, each donation is sincerely appreciated.

Make a Donation   Or call 970.728.3886 if you prefer to give by phone.


There is an artist inside of each and every one of us; we just might not know it yet. That is where the Ah Haa School comes in. We are the place where every person, no matter their age, no matter their profession, can tap into their inner artist – that mysterious world of self-inquiry and exploration. Our purpose is to inspire “ah haa” moments, where you can discover the joy of using your imagination as you explore with new and familiar materials. There are no limitations; simply watch as the world of art unfolds in front of you. Take risks, push boundaries, discover. Ah Haa!


Creating a work of art can be as easy as drawing lines on a blank sheet of paper, or chopping onions for a delicious soup. At Ah Haa, you are encouraged and supported to express yourself, to find your unique voice and share it through words, paint, metal or a whisper.


Ah Haa offers an environment that leads to transformative experiences. We believe that art making promotes joyful lives and vivacious communities. By celebrating both the process and the product, we promote personal growth and professional development, with an eye toward inspiring “Ah Haa” moments in every person who walks through our doors – be it a student, an exhibiting artist or a visitor to our school.