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Ah Haa To-Go


Ah Haa To-Go 

Create your own Ah Haa moment anywhere, anytime with an Ah Haa To Go kit. Each art kit contains materials and step-by-step instructions to complete specific art projects. Choose from a variety of age-appropriate options, from painting to bookmaking to embroidery. Once purchased, kits can be picked up at Ah Haa in person (155 W. Pacific) or shipped anywhere. Email jess@ahhaa.org with any questions.

Choose from:

Pop Art: Paint with Acrylics (age 6-adult) 
Work step-by-step to create a colorful, eye-catching work of art inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art portraits. Learn how to mix primary colors, experiment with brush strokes, and explore composition

Explore Embroidery (age 12-adult)
Delve into the art of embroidery. This kit contains one small hoop, 50 colors of thread and a variety of needles for creating any pattern you want.

Rope Coil Basketry (age 12-adult)
Coil your own beautiful basket using cotton rope and embroidery thread for color. 

Bead On! (age 4-adult)
Make bracelets or necklaces without clasps or fasteners. Basic skills and knot tying techniques enable future projects and endless possibilities.

Art for Littles (ages 4-8)
Create four projects: bubble wand, stamp, clay sculpture, watercolor painting, and more. Plus misc. craft items and ideas for more projects!

Build a Ukulele (age 9-adult)
Assemble, design and paint your very own ukulele. A multi-day process of assembly, decoration and stringing gives way to a unique, playable keepsake. 

Basic Bound Book (age 6-adult)
Learn the basics of binding a small blank book and how to incorporate collected materials like special notes, concert tickets, and decorative papers. 

Sculpt a Zoo (age 4-adult)
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Squish, pinch, shape and embellish your favorite creatures using air dry clay and paint.  

Secret Succulent Planters (age 6-adult)
Learn to sculpt and paint a “succulent” plant, then assemble to create a secret hiding place within a terracotta pot.