Future New Home


Ah Haa's Future New Home!

NW Corner of Fir & Pacific Streets

Ah Haa is partnering with the Town of Telluride to build a new home in the center of town. Located on a vacant lot across from Baked in Telluride, this mixed-use development will include an underground public parking structure, 8-10 affordable housing units, and approximately 10,000 square feet of new, purpose-built space for the Ah Haa School. We are incredibly excited about this opportunity, and we hope you are too. We simply need more room to grow and the ability to dedicate spaces to specific programming demands. As much as we love the Depot, our success depends on the ability to expand beyond our current walls.

We are in the midst of an $8 million capital campaign to help fund the new building. This project will also necessitate selling our beloved Depot, and we are in conversation with several Telluride non-profits and businesses with the hopes of keeping the building in the public realm.

Benefits for Ah Haa
  • Additional 3,000 square feet of classroom spaces
  • Ability to expand class offerings
  • Permanent, year-round classroom for the Telluride Painting School
  • Secure purpose-built facility to meet long-term growth
  • Centralized location in the middle of town, increasing foot traffic and visibility
  • Enhance synergy between Ah Haa and the Telluride Arts Transfer Building project
  • Strengthen existing partnership with nearby Wilkinson Public Library
  • On-site parking
  • Attract nationally recognized instructors in our professional studios
  • Permanent, year-round gallery and store
  • Additional wall space for showcasing student and instructor work
Benefits to Town & Community
  • Ah Haa drives vitality and activity into the heart of Town
  • Ah Haa employs eight full-time staff and over 70 part-time instructors
  • Locals, visitors and second homeowners gain new skills and enrichment through our classes and events
  • Approximately 30% of our students/attendees are out-of-town guests, benefitting the regional economy
  • Ah Haa offers tuition assistance, work study, and occasional tuition-free and reduced-rate classes to everyone in the region
  • Ah Haa will remain a public space
  • Classrooms, studios and decks will continue to be available to non-profits and private groups
  • Consistent with the Town Master Plan, Ah Haa will help grow an exciting and inviting arts/cultural district in the heart of town

Stay tuned for upcoming news about this exciting project!











If you are interested in getting involved or contributing to this exciting project, contact Judy Kohin at judy@ahhaa.org or 970.728.3886.

Capital Campaign Donors

Joanna & Stuart Brown
Nancy Craft & Rob Schultheis
Elizabeth & Allen Cutler
Dalton Family

Lisa Hogan & Family
Bill Lewis & Rick Underwood
Barbara Parish & Gary Roberts
Kim & Simon Perutz

Darenda & Ed Sheridan
Diane Sherman
Janna & John Welborn